MARCH 17, 2020

Chair Rebecca Smith called the Regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners for SJCFD#4 to order at 4:00 P.M. The meeting was held at the District Office that is located at 2228 Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island.

Those present were Commissioners Rebecca Smith, Duane Bordvick and Phil Paige, Acting Fire Chief Jim Ghiglione, staff Susan Sanchez and Barbara Christensen.

Guests present: Iris Graville, Hospital District Representative, Tyler Brower, District Support Technician, Suzanne Berry, EMT Lieutenant.

Citizens present:  Paul Hendrickson, Michelle Collyar

Commissioner Smith noted there were two additional items for the agenda; under New Business add a discussion item to discuss Volunteer Support, and Executive Session to the end of the agenda to discuss a personnel matter.


Public Input - Paul Hendrickson read a prepared statement regarding the recent Chief resignation, concerns over the meeting minutes not easily accessible, his belief that the Commissioners are not being proactive and dissatisfaction with Commissioner Smith’s performance.

Michelle Collyar requested the Commissioners reword the posting that is on Lopez Rock regarding the departure of Chief Havner. The Commissioners will review the wording to determine if any changes will be made.

There was no Correspondence.

There being no corrections to the February 18, 2020, Regular Meeting Minutes, Commissioner Bordvick made a motion to approve the Regular Meeting Minutes of February 18, 2020. Commissioner Paige making the second, all approved, motion carried.

There being no corrections to the Special Meeting Minutes of February 24 and 25, 2020, Commissioner Paige made a motion to approve the minutes. Commissioner Bordvick making the second, all approved, motion carried.

Commissioner Paige made a motion to approve the February 2020 vouchers in the amount of $21,757.60 and March 2020 payroll in the amount of $28,774.82. Discussion was held on 2 voucher items without action. Commissioner Bordvick making the second, all approved, motion carried.

Commissioner Smith had a brief discussion on the Administrative Assistant position and signed the Agreement.


Acting Chief Ghiglione distributed the Chief’s Report to the Commissioners, apologizing for the late report. Special acknowledgment was given to the volunteers. The Chief updated the Commissioners on the number of calls, decontamination process and active COVID 19 cases. Special emphasis was placed on supplies and Personal Protective Equipment backlog requests.

The Chief updated the Commissioners on the Chief vacancy and posting/search. An updated announcement letter and job description was presented for review.

The budget status was reviewed and discussion was held on upcoming increase on supply expenditures. 

A discussion was held on the location of office staff being moved to a different part of the building to allow the public access during the COVID 19 outbreak. No action was taken.


Iris Graville updated the Commissioners on Emergent Care activities within the district.

Commissioner Smith discussed the postponement of the staff retreat and levy. The retreat will be rescheduled. The levy impact may be hard on citizens. Commissioner Paige noted that the COVID 19 outbreak may show how much we need additional funding. A discussion on the levy will be held at a later meeting.


The Chief search has begun and additional advertising will occur if more applications are needed. 

The SAFE Memo of Understanding was reviewed by the Commissioners. Commissioner Paige made a motion to have Acting Chief Ghiglione sign the Memo of Understanding on behalf of the Fire District. Commissioner Bordvick seconded the motion, all in favor, motion carried.

The Commissioners held a discussion on ways to Assist Volunteers.  EMT Lieutenant Suzanne Berry updates the Commissioners on EMT activities.  Several ideas were discussed: Pay volunteers for calls two times, once in June and again in November. Pay EMT’s for two calls if they must decontaminate after a call, starting with calls done in February 2020. Commissioner Paige motions to approve the Active Chief the ability to pay double pay for EMT/Paramedic Calls from February 1, 2020. Commissioner Bordvick seconded the motion, all in favor, motion passed.

Commissioner Smith would like the Lieutenant to let the Board know what is needed for the EMT’s.

At 5:55 P.M. the Regular meeting adjourned and Commissioner Smith called for Executive Session under RCW 42.30.110(g) to discuss a personnel contract.

At 6:55 P.M. Executive Session was adjourned and the Regular meeting was recalled to order.

Commissioner Paige Motioned to accept the revised interim contract for Jim Ghiglione as presented. Commissioner Bordvick seconded the motion. No discussion, all in favor, motion passed.

Meeting adjourned at 7:02 P.M.

Files coming soon.