Regular Meeting

February 18, 2020

Chair Rebecca Smith called the early starting Regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners for SJCFD #4 to order at 3:00 PM. The meeting held at the District Office that is located at 2228 Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island. 

Those present were Commissioners Rebecca Smith and Duane Bordvick, Phil Paige, Chief J Havner, and staff Susan Sanchez. 

At 3:00 PM Chair Smith called for Executive Session under RCW 42.30.110 (g) Personnel: to review and discuss applications for the Administration Assistant Position for approximately sixty minutes. There were ten applications.

At 4:00 PM Chair Smith adjourned to open session and requested an Executive Session at the end of the Regular meeting.

Guests were: Albert Berger from LIHD, guest Kimberly Kimple, volunteer EMTs Megan Constable.

Chair Smith announced that there would be an Executive session for interviews for the top five Administrative Assistant position candidates on Monday, February 24thfrom 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. A discussion time would follow until 3:00 PM if needed.


Certificate of Appointment – Newly appointed Fire Commissioner Phil Paige presented his notarized Certificate of Appointment to the Commissioners for their approval. Chair Smith congratulated Commissioner Paige and welcomed him on the department. The certificate was signed.

There was no Public Input.

There was no Correspondence.

Commissioner Paige requested correction in the motion to approve the December 17, 2019 minutes which stated “all approved” to include “except Commissioner Paige”.

Commissioner Bordvick made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of January 21, 2020 with corrections. Commissioner Paige making the second, all approved, motion carried. 

Commissioner Paige made a motion  to  approve  the February 18, 2020 vouchers  for $19,925.21 and the February 2020 staff payroll for $41,197.29. Commissioner Bordvick making the second, all approved, motion carried. 


The Chief’s Report, Fire Suppression, EMS, Revenue/Expense Reports were reviewed. Some of the highlights were:

· The call volume for January 2019 was 45 calls and 38 calls for January 2020. 

· There are first aid and CPR classes scheduled for February and March for the community.

· We still have the County’s reserve engine. Our annual engine maintenance should be completed by mid March when we can then return the reserve engine.

· The Chief planned six community informational meetings on the County radio system. As of now the vote is passing by a large margin. Commissioner Paige suggested a thank you letter to the editor to the community for passing the vote.

· The SCBAs for the FEMA awarded County grant was decided on MSA G-1 unanimously.

· The SJC Regional Fire Partners Rope Rescue Program – 2020 was included in the Commissioner’s information.

· There are no cases of coronavirus in the Islands at this time.


EMERGENT CARE DISUSSION – Chief Havner said that the Paramedics continue to make daily check in calls with the clinic staff to discuss daily capabilities. Patients have been transported to the clinic for urgent care issues recently. Chair Smith asked if there have been other changes at the clinic with Dr. Wilson as the manager. Chief said nothing else noticeably new at this time. 

LEVY DISCUSSION – The annual staff retreat to discuss the District’s strategic plan will be on Tuesday, March 17, 2020. The meeting will include all the staff that can participate and will start at 10:00 AM in the training room. The plan is to run the levy in the August 2020 primary election. Filing deadline is in July. The strategic plan will decide the amount of the levy amount needed.

There was no NEW BUSINESS


At 4:45 PM Chair Smith called for Executive Session under RCW 42.30.110 (g) to discuss Personnel for approximately forty-five minutes. At 5:30 PM Chair Smith went into opened session and adjourned the regular meeting at 5:30 PM.

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Chair Rebecca Smith    Secretary Susan Sanchez

Files coming soon.