Regular Meeting

April 21, 2020

Chair Rebecca Smith called the Regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners for SJCFD #4 to order at 4:00 P.M. The remote meeting was held

 by video through ZOOM conferencing. 

Those present were Commissioners Rebecca Smith and Duane Bordvick, Phil Paige, Chief Jim Ghiglione, and staff Susan Sanchez and Barbara Christensen. 

Guests: None.

There being no requests to modify the agenda, Commissioner Bordvick made a motion to approve the agenda as presented. Commissioner Paige making the second, all in favor, motion passed. 


There was no Public Input.

There was no Correspondence.

There being no discussion, Commissioner Paige made a motion to approve the regular meeting minutes of March 17 and the Special meeting of March 31, 2020, as submitted. Commissioner Bordvick making the second, all approved, motion passed. 

There being no discussion, Commissioner Bordvick made a motion to  approve  the March, 2020 vouchers  for $21,776.57 and the April 2020 staff payroll for $40,149.26 and the March payroll for the Fire Chief. Commissioner Paige making the second, all approved, motion passed. 


The Chief’s Report, Fire Suppression, EMS, Revenue/Expense Reports were reviewed. Some of the highlights were:

· The call volume for March/April: 19 fire and 117 EMS, total 136.  

· The clinic has COVID-19 tests available for staff and volunteers.

· COVID-19 cases on Lopez – 1

· WA State Ecology Spills Grant for $200,000 has been awarded.

· Budget update: Revenue is higher this year in March than last year. Property taxes are coming in. We are in great shape with budget.

· Vehicle repairs: Chief will be putting a maintenance schedule together.

· Vehicle purchases through grant: Must be purchased from website. Radio purchases may not be done until we respond on unit cost. We have 1 year from date of receiving funds to purchase items. Four month process to get vehicles.


EMERGENT CARE DISUSSION – With the shutdown, there hasn’t been any further action on this.

LEVY DISCUSSION/STAFF RETREAT – It was agreed by the Commissioners that a staff retreat is still needed and will be scheduled. Commissioner Paige recommended that a structured agenda be prepared prior to the retreat to ensure goals are achieved and a useful outcome is obtained. Chair Smith provided background on prior retreats. Chief Ghiglione will prepare a bullet point list of items to include in the discussion at the retreat. Topics to include remodel or new station, staff positions/structure, wish lists and layout of facilities. The levy will be discussed after the retreat. Commissioner Paige suggested we update the community on the levy status. The timing of the staff retreat and the filing deadline date for a measure to go onto the ballot may be tight or past. Chief Ghiglione will draft a letter about the levy for the Commissioner to review and then post it on Lopez Rocks.

CHIEF SEARCH: Chair Smith recommended phone interviews or remote access interviews be held for the applications we have received on the Fire Chief position. It was decided to hold off until May to determine if interviews could be held due to COVID-19. Chief Ghiglione will prepare some interview questions and send them to the Commissioners for consideration.

CORONAVIRUS PLAN OF ACTION/UPDATE: Chief Ghiglione will be discussing our recent COVID-19 case with the Department of Health to get information out to the community that positive cases are occurring here, but not showing up in statistics – caution is still needed. Folks should still follow stay at home rules. Chair Smith knows of some locals who are making cloth masks and we can get some for our volunteers who may want to wear a mask out in public. We will be getting 200 masks from the County. A large celebration will be held for the EMT’s when the COVID-19 crisis is over.


SHERIFF’S LEASE: The annual lease for the Sheriff’s Office was reviewed. Commissioner Paige made a Motion to approve the Lease. Commissioner Bordvick second, all in favor, motion passed.


Chair Smith adjourned the regular meeting at 5:05 P.M.


Files coming soon.