First Aid and CPR classes are held for anyone who is interested in learning these life saving skills. Once we are safe to hold these classes again we will get them scheduled.

THANK YOU for the boxes of GIRL SCOUT cookies.  Our TEAM of EMT's will certainly enjoy them.





October 4-10  is Fire Prevention  Week

During this week we recognize our firefighters.

A little history about firefighters:

The first organized professionals whose job it was to combat structural fires lived in Ancient Egypt–however, at the time, firefighters worked for private companies that provided their services only to those who could afford them. Later, in Ancient Rome, Ceasar Augustus revolutionized firefighting by calling for the creation of a fire guard, called the Vigiles, that was trained in state.

Today's firefighters have more risks and dangers to deal with then any in the past.  Hazardous materials, explosives, and drug manufacturing operations are just a few.  

We have 31 firefighters which include volunteers and students on Lopez Island. All have done a wonderful job and we appreciate their time, dedication and service to our community.

This week we can show our appreciation for their service, risks and sacrifice. Send them a note showing your appreciation. Make a sign for your yard or to post at our local businesses.  Wear a red and blue ribbon - the colors of water and fire. You could also consider making a donation to a firefighter charity.  






These last 11 weeks have been difficult, challenging and filled with uncertainty for our Lopez Island Community but I could not be more proud of how this community has reacted, responded and chose courage over fear. 

I want to heartfully thank the Lopez Island Community for their response to the 6 foot Social Distancing, the wearing of masks and self quarantining if necessary for 14 days if returning to the island. I know of several snow birders and college students who have come home to Lopez and waited for 14 days before venturing out into public. This is why there is only 1 confirmed Lopezian who has tested positive for the Covid 19 Virus because all of you chose to do the right thing and keep the virus from spreading into our community. Those of us in the health care profession know there were more asymptomatic Covid 19 cases here in our islands, the stay safe at home campaign worked!

I want to thank all the businesses who stayed open, put up shields, asked their employees to wear masks, put up notices supporting social distancing, put out hand sanitizer and continued to serve and take care of us. 

I want to thank the Pharmacy, Clinic, Hospice, Senior Center, our Adult Family Home, Family Resource Center and their Employees for meeting the challenge to keep their clients and patients safe, well fed, cared for and as important keeping their employees safe.

I want to thank our students and parents, schools, educators, paraprofessionals, bus drivers, custodial and maintenance staff of their sacrifices in this pandemic emergency. I especially want to have a shout out to the Senior Class of 2020, since we as a community will not come together to celebrate their achievement and graduation. Many of the Class of 2020 are volunteers with Lopez Island Fire & EMS and since 2008 I have celebrated this achievement with them and I will celebrate this year as well; but from a distance but with just as much pride in their successes as in years past.

I want to thank all the ingenious seamstresses and fabric gurus who have been making masks and distributing them to our community. A special shout out to the CWMA for helping with the funding for this effort.

I want to thank all of the retired health care workers who came forward right at the start back in March and began to organize themselves to assist our Lopez Island Fire & EMS family if we saw a surge in patients that could have overwhelmed our resources.

I want to thank all the businesses who were ordered closed and the employees who have suffered so dearly, with loss of income and their work. You are the real heroes in all of this. Staying home, worrying how you were going to make ends meet, worrying about the pandemic and your family members. You showed all of us true courage in the face of adversity.

I want to thank all of the members of Lopez Island Fire & EMS who ignored the risks to themselves and their families and continued to serve as this community’s critical care providers and emergency responders. All of you stepped up, didn’t blink and made the sacrifice to continue to perform as the professionals you all are and with the dedication that elevates us all. Our commitment is to stand together for our community and we will continue to do so.

Finally, as we reopen our community, our businesses, our schools, our churches and congregate together we need to be mindful that this silent and invisible virus is still among us, don’t let your guard down, continue to practice social distancing, wear a mask in public, wash your hands often, smile and laugh when you can.

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Yours in Fire & Life Safety,

Jim Ghiglione

Acting Fire Chief

Lopez Island Fire & EMS