Welcome to San Juan County Fire District #4

About Us


We are dedicated to the preservation and protection of life, property and the environment through a team effort of public education, fire prevention, disaster preparedness and mitigation. We provide emergency fire, rescue and medical services.


We serve the community and recognize that our people and associated support resources are the key to our success.  We strive to be a valued member of the community.


Our objectives are to focus on excellence in the services we provide through continuous improvement in:                         

  • Safety
  • Technical competency
  • Planning
  • Listening to our staff, volunteers and support groups
  • Being a respected member of the community and public
  • Treating people with dignity and respect
  • Measuring our performance against well established goals


We hold the taxpayers interest in high regard and are prudent and effective in the use of resources entrusted to us.  These values are the foundations of this District.  All staff adhere to these and model them for our community.


We respond from four strategically located fire stations:

  • Station 41 is located near the village center at 2228 Fisherman Bay Rd
  • Station 42 is located on the south end at 20 MacKaye Harbor Rd
  • Station 43 is located at the north end at 810 Port Stanley Rd
  • Station 44 is located in the center of the island at 4136 Center Rd


4 Fire Engines

  • Engine 41 - 1996 H&W International
  • Engine 42 - 1989 Ford Grumman
  • Engine 43 - 1966 Ford Western States
  • Engine 44 - 1996 H&W International

2 Ambulances

  • Aid 41 - 2015 Dodge North Star Ambulance
  • Aid 44 - 2007 American Emergency Vehicle

1 Rescue/Extraction

  • Rescue 41 - 2003 Ford F550

2 Tenders/Pumpers

  • Tender 41 - 2005 H&W International
  • Tender 42 - 1975 Ford Western States