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2014 Suppression Training Schedule 

Date  Notes Instructor  Training 
 01/14  X  Rypinski +2  SCBA quarterly
 01/28    Red Elk +2  Map book rodeo
 02/11    Rypinski  Spray and Pray (MCO)
 02/25    Pal +1  Ladders and ropes
 03/11    Red Elk  ventilation 
 03/25    Ghiglione   water supply 
 04/08  X  Pal  SCBA quarterly 
 04/22    Pal +5  Vehicle extrication/ Rescue classroom
 04/26  Sat: 4 hours  Pal +5  Vehicle extrication skills- Joint Drill
 04/29  5th Tuesday  Captains    Officer's drill MCI preparation
 05/13    Pal +5  Vehicle fire
 05/16  Fri: 4 hours  Captains +2  MCI
 05/27  *  Ghiglione  EVAP
 05/31  ** Sat  Ghiglione   EVAP rodeo 
 06/10    Pal +3  Wildland 
 06/14    Pal +3  Wildland field training 
 06/24    Ghiglione  4th of July preparation 
 07/03    Roush +3  4th of July preparation
 07/04    Ghiglione   4th!!!!! 
 07/08    N/A  OFF! :D
 07/22  X  Roush +1  SCBA quarterly 
 07/29  5th Tuesday  Tetu  Officer's drill
 Pal  Spray and pray (MCO)
 08/26    Fowler +3  Self rescue
 09/09    Ghiglione  Water supply 
 09/23  X  Tetu +1  SCBA quarterly  
 09/30  X  Captains   Blood borne pathogens- joint drill
 10/14    Lt's  Lt's choice
 10/28    Pal +1  Fire streams/ Hose handling
 10/31    Christie   Haunted House!! 
 11/11    Ghiglione  Water supply
 11/25    Red Elk  Spray and pray (MCO)
 12/05    N/A  Banquet 
 12/09    Fowler +2  Search & rescue/ victim removal
 12/23    Ghiglione  Lt's choice/ winterizing 
 12/30  5th Tuesday  Lt's  Officers drill


X - Notes Mandatory Attendance

Blue highlight - Optional Drill

* - Current Drivers must attend first two hours of Classroom

** - All Drivers who have not had rodeo practice, required to attend, those who wish a refresher are welcome.

2014 EMS Training Schedule

 Drill Topic  Lead Instructor   Notes
 01/7  Skills Check Off WDOH  Medics  
 01/21  Skills Check Off WDOH  Medics  
 02/04  Sully Day/Cardiac  Sully/English  
 02/18  OFF!  N/A  
 03/04  Sully Day/Pharmacology  Sully/Red Elk  
 03/15  Airway Day  Pal/Medics   Sat: 8 hrs
 03/18  OFF  N/A  
 04/01  Sully Day/Codes  Sully/Pal  
 04/15  Trauma  Pal/Medics  Liz
 04/26  Joint Vehicle Extrication  Pal/Medics  Sat: 4 hrs
 04/29  Joint Officer's MCI Prep  English/Medics  
 05/06  Sully Day/C-Spine BB/KED  Sully/English  Liz
 05/16  MCI  Medics  Sat: 8 hrs
 05/20  OFF  N/A  
 06/03  Sully Day/ Anaphylaxis   Sully/McDarnmont  Wakefield, Reeve
 06/17  Geriatrics  Berry  McDarnmont
 06/24  Joint 4th of July Prep  Chief  
 07/01  Sully Day/Asthma COPD  Sully/Pal  
 07/04  4th of July!!!!    
 07/15  OFF  N/A  
 07/29  Joint Officer's Training  Lts/Chief/Medics  
 08/05  Sully Day/Geriatric Scen  Sully/Pal  
 08/19  Endocrine Emergencies  McDarnmont  Wakefield, Reeve
 09/02  Sully Day/ 12 Leads  Sully/English  
 09/16  Neuro/Stroke/Seizure  Berry/Roush  Miltenberger +2
 09/30  Blood Borne Path  English/Medics  Berry
 10/07  Sully Day/ Childbirth  Sully/Cathy  Sather
 10/21  ALS for BLS  Pauly/English  Roush
 11/04  Sully Day/Skills Asmt  Sully/Pal  
 11/18  Pediatrics  Pal/Medics  
 12/02  Sully Day/Skills Asmt  Sully/English  
 12/05  Awards Banquet  N/A  
 12/16  End of Year Review  Pal/Medics  
 12/30  Joint Officer's Training  Lts/Chief/Medic  


Red Highlighted - Mandatory Drill

Green Highlighted - Enjoy Your Evening/No Drill

Orange Highlighted - Joint Fire/EMS Drill

Blue Highlighted - Officers

Purple Highlighted - Awards Banquet





February 17, 2011


Chair Jim Lett called the regular meeting of the Board of Fire Commissioners for   SJCFD #4 to order at 5:00 PM.  The meeting held at the District Office is located at 2228 Fisherman Bay Road on Lopez Island.


Those present were Commissioners Becky Smith, Kim Smith, Chief Jim Ghiglione, and staff Susan Sanchez.




There was no Public Input.


The following Correspondence was submitted:


  • A 2011 Annual Letter dated February 2011 from the Fisherman Bay Sewer District along with a page of "Do's and Don'ts for operating your on-site septic system.
  • A letter dated 2-16-11 from Jamie Stephens, President of the Fisherman Bay Water Association regarding financing assistance for improved pressure.  After the Chief read the letter aloud the Commissioners decided that it would be a gift of public funds for the Fire District to "give the water association money".  Chief Ghiglione will respond with a letter explaining the decision.
  • An article in the paper from the San Juan County Assessor's office published the 2011 property tax levy changes.  Fire District #4 had increased 2.6%.  A call would be made to the assessor's office to find out how they figured the increase percentage.  

Commissioner Kim Smith made a motion to approve as corrected (re: the Medic 42 engine and the rating review, under Reports) in the January 13, 2011 meeting minutes with Commissioner Becky Smith making the second, all approved, motion carried.


Commissioner Becky Smith made a motion to approve the January Vouchers for $26,923.83 and the February 2011 Staff payroll for $28,703.41. (This included Marty Clark's vacation buy back)  Commissioner Kim Smith making the second, all approved, motion carried.




The FIRE SUPPRESSION, EMS, BUDGET, CHIEF’S, and WEEKLY REPORTS were reviewed. Some of the highlights were:


  • The Chief reported that Lopez Island Mechanical Services has finished with the installation of the new engine for the Medic 42 Explorer and it is back in service.  He would like to publicly thank both Kevin and Kenny for the great job they did.
  • Engine 41 pump is currently out of service.  It was ready to go to North Bend when it failed when it was in service at a car fire Thursday night. The automatic chains for the Red Ambulance will wait until the Fall to be purchased and installed.
  • The EMT class  is going well.  At the end of April, the students will be going to Bellingham for final testing for the National Registry.
  • The Chief suggested that it was time for another County wide Fire Commissioner's meeting.  A Regional Fire Authority might be a discussion topic.
  • The Firefighter's Association will be having a fundraiser dunk tank with the Chief in the "hot" seat at the Tour de Lopez on April 30th.



FIRE MARSHAL DISCUSSIONS – Nothing new to discuss.


UPDATE LONG RANGE PLAN – It was decided that March 16th would be the date of the strategic planning meeting.  It will be held at the Library from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm.  The Chief will collect information for comparison budget review, revenue, work plan, budget projections, and brainstorming ideas to discuss.  He will put the information in the Commissioner's box for review and comments before the meeting.  There will be an Executive session at the end of the meeting to discuss Personnel.




BOARD OFFICER'S POSITION - After some discussion, Commissioner Becky Smith made a motion to have Jim Lett continue to represent the Board as Chairman and  Commissioner Becky Smith agreed to Vice Chair.  Commissioner Kim Smith seconded the motion, all agreed, motion passed.




Chair Jim Lett adjourned the regular meeting at 6:55 PM.

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